Great Job! Now follow these next steps to finalize your reservation...

Thank you so much for making your parcel reservation purchase!

Now please follow these EXACT steps in this EXACT order to finalize your parcel reservation.

⚠️ WARNING: If you do NOT take these steps, you will NOT have finalized your reservation, and it will be up for grabs. ⚠️

Step 1: Check Your Email

Go to your email client and check for your welcome letter.

In that letter it will include instructions for taking your next steps.

This will include a link to our mighty network forum, as well as links to book a call with TJ. For now, that email will be similar to this page.

Step 2: Join Our Private Members Forum

We use a private member’s forum called Mighty Network. It’s like facebook, but without Zuckerberg’s censorship.

Its what we use to communicate with everyone. The Mighty Network also allows us to:

  • Organize online courses
  • Set up Live Events
  • Give private access to group discounts for builders + utilities
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Celebrate birthdays and achievements

The most important thing about the mighty network is that it is the #1 way to get updates regarding your property, NOT email, phone, or texts.

This is because there are +275 ACTS families across the country. If we were to use emails to communicate, we would be flooded with messages every single time we needed to send out important messages.

So please do not email us. Use the mighty network. People who ignore this WILL not have their messages responded to.

Step 3: Watch The ACTS Bootcamp

In the mighty network, we have a series of free online courses called The ACTS Bootcamp

The bootcamp contains all of the secret information for ‘how ACTS works’

We have courses that will show you:

  • Our go-to-market strategy for farming
  • What ‘goes into’ ranchising
  • How to prepare for emergencies
  • How to set up your homestead for self-defense
  • Christ-based hypnosis for Success
  • The exact contracts we use for Wanted Raw Foods
  • And much much more

For now, the most important courses for your to watch before booking a call with TJ are:

  • The Wanted Raw Foods Go-To Market Strategy
  • What’s Included In A Ranchise? Everything That Goes Into Making Ranchising Work
  • The Wanted Raw Foods Contract

Do not ignore these courses. They will address the most asked questions people have about ‘how everything works’ at ACTS.

You must watch these courses before you talk to TJ. (By the way, TJ WILL know whether you’ve seen them or not, and Yes, he WILL cancel the call if you don’t… )

Step 4: Schedule Your 1-on-1 call with TJ

We want to personally welcome you to ACTS with a 1-on-1 call with the CEO himself: TJ Visiodei

During your call you can talk with TJ about anything you’d like:

  • Business plans
  • Visualizing your homestead
  • Managing lifestyle transitions
  • Bible Verses
  • Conspiracies

This is why we ask you to do your research, watch all the FAQs, and make it through the bootcamp before you get on a call: so that you can have a deep conversation about your transition to a brand new life! 

By doing this research now, you will set yourself up to hit the ground running!

So schedule a call with TJ and get to work ASAP!

Step 5: Fill Out The Contract Preparation Form & Meet with Dru

The last step is to fill out your contract preparation form.

This form allows us to prepare your parcel purchase agreements with the exact names, emails, and addresses necessary.

Filling out your contract preparation form and signing your contracts is the final step in reserving your parcel.

if you don’t sign that contract, or if you ‘hold out’ on a parcel, you will be forfeiting that parcel to someone else. 

That's It! Once you have taken these steps, filled out your contract preparation forms, and signed your contracts, you will have finalized your reservation!