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Step 1: Watch The DDQs Before Your Call

Step 2: Learn The Basics

1 - What Is The Debt On? Land? Animals? Construction?

2 - How Do You Get Away With So Little Construction?

3 - How Do You Find Subdivision Exemptions?

4 - How Fast Can You Sell Land? (And Why Do You Prefer An 18 Month Term?)

5 - How Much Skin In The Game Do you Have In These Deals?

6 - What Are The Families Like?

7 - How Do Families Finance Their Purchases?

8 - But What If There's An Economic Downturn? What Would You Do?

9 - How Can You Handle So Many Properties At The Same Time?

Step 3: Learn About Our Business

1 - Is ACTS Too Good To Be True?

2 - What Is A Ranchise?

3 - How Are The Ranch Hands Compensated?

4 - Who Is Your Main Competition?

5 - "You Must Have Had Huge Backers!"

Step 3: Learn About Our Business

6 - Where Does ACTS Marketing Come From?

7 - What Do Day To Day Operations Look Like?

8 – What Is Your Buy Box?

9 – How Does ACTS Fit With ESG Standards?

10 – How Many Ranchises Have Been Installed So Far?

11 – How Many Parcels Have Been Reserved?

12 – Who Are You Looking For As Investors?

Section 1: Basic Questions

Step 2: Learn About Our Business