Step 1: Read these instructions

Use the calculator below to figure out your monthly payments through the ACTS leasing program.
DO NOT change the interest rate or the # of years.
Simply type in the price of your parcel + the price of any add ons into the section where it says loan amount.
Use these as a reference for add-ons:

  • Ranchise PRO – $100,000
  • A-Frame Cabin – $120,000
  • Roundhouse – $80,000
For Example: 

  • A $250,000 Parcel + $100,000 Ranchise = $350,000 financing
  • Starting Monthly Payment: $4,432
The price you will pay is at the bottom of the calculator, where it says “Starting Monthly Payment”. 
After 1.5 years, you are expected to use a construction loan to pay out the rest of your land costs.

Step 2: Calculate Your Payments