Everything you need to move your family off-grid once and for all...

#1 - Your own land, to do with as you please.

  • Clean air
  • Chemical free
  • Flowing water
  • Fertile soils 
  • Zero building restrictions 


Acres Of Land




#2 - A Custom Home That Brings The Family Together

#3 – ALL Of The Utilities. None Of The Bills.

#4 - A life you don’t need a vacation from.

  • Custom built A-frame cabin
  • Or, a custom built workshop
  • Or, both
  • Have friends and family visit
  • Rent it out 50% of the month to pay off your mortgage 


Average Nightly Airbnb Glamping Price


Your earnings renting just 50% of the month

#5 - Your own food, your own independence.

  • Fencing for your choice of cattle, goats, or chickens 
  • Group discounts for the actual livestock themselves
  • Heirloom seeds to start your garden 

#6 - Membership To A "Country" Country Club Including:

A Shooting Range. Conference Rooms. Homeschool. Outpost Kitchen. Weightlifting Gym. Jiu Jitsu. Arts & Crafts.

#7 - Expert 1-on-1 instruction.

  • Farming experts to teach you how to grow your family’s farm
  • Business experts to help you maximize your family’s wealth
  • Health experts to guide you on your family’s health 
  • Relationship experts to show you how to strengthen your family 

#8 - Privacy, security, and friendship from like-minded community.

  • Live next to neighbors who value freedom, independence, and gun rights
  • Know that each of your neighbors has been thoroughly vetted with our background check process 
  • Exchange fruits, veggies, and meat with your neighbors 

All of it for the price of a suburban home.