25% APR – 18 Month Term – 50% LTV

Land-Secured, First-Position Debt Opportunity

With The #1 Company In The $3.7 Trillion “Decentralized” Real Estate Market

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Term Guidance:

25% Annual Interest Rate
18 Month Term
50% LTV
80% LTC
Properties can be cross-collateralized


The debt will be secured by three (3) separate large tracts of land across Florida, Tennessee and California totaling 2,304 acres.

CollateralPanoplia RanchXrio RanchTeleios Ranch
LocationSebring, FLColumbia, TNTemecula
Metro Markets (1-3 hours away)Miami, Orlando, Tampa, West PalmNashville, FranklinLos Angeles, San Diego
Size (acres)1,135532637


The debt will be funded at three different closings as shown in the table below.

ClosingsPanoplia RanchXrio RanchTeleios Ranch
Amount to be Funded$12,750,000$5,900,000$10,000,000
Funding Date8/20/202410/15/20244/4/2025
Size (acres)1,135532637

Repayment Sources

The source of repayment will come from the sales of the subdivided individual parcels of land as shown in the table below. 

Currently, 98 of the 165 of the parcels across all three properties have already been reserved by customers via $5,000 non-refundable deposits via stripe.

Repayment SourcesPanoplia RanchXrio RanchTeleios Ranch
Purchase Price$12,750,000$5,900,000$10,000,000
Parcels to be Sold902948
Parcels Reserved (as of 7/4/2024)481832
Value of Parcels Pre-Reserved$10,342,500$6,567,500$14,071,744
Value of Parcels Pre-Reserved to the Purchase Price81.10%111%141%
Total Projected Sales $ 22,644,990.00 $ 13,660,000.00$21,107,616.00

Term Length

In our previous acquisition, we were able to pay back the entire loan (principal and interest) in under six months.  

This was due to the high demand for the properties resulting in quick sales of each individual parcel. Now, we have even more demand, and even more reservations. With that said, we are targeting an 18-month term for this debt, as we deploy each property one-by-one.

Case Study

Future Plans

Upon repayment of these loans, we will be scaling to about 6-12 additional properties thereafter. 

We expect an opportunity for an additional $100 to $300 million debt/equity offering.  Therefore, additional weight will be given to proposals that include the possibility of partnering with us in the future as we scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1-3 minute answers to the most frequently asked questions we’ve received. Please review the answers to these videos prior to attending a call with us.

1 - What Is The Debt On? Land? Animals? Construction?

2 - How Do You Get Away With So Little Construction?

3 - How Do You Find Subdivision Exemptions?

4 - How Fast Can You Sell Land? (And Why Do You Prefer An 18 Month Term?)

5 - How Much Skin In The Game Do you Have In These Deals?

6 - What Are The Families Like?

7 - How Do Families Finance Their Purchases?

8 - But What If There's An Economic Downturn? What Would You Do?

9 - How Can You Handle So Many Properties At The Same Time?

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