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What Is ACTS? (An Overview)

We are the closest thing you can get to snapping your fingers and having the off-grid homestead of your dreams done for you in 12-18 months, surrounded by a community of like-minded families.

We offer a done-for-you +10-acre off-grid homesteading package that comes with:

  • No HOA
  • Fertile soils
  • Easy access to water
  • Between 60 to 90 minutes away from major business hubs
  • A home or custom homes for you and your family
  • Off-grid utilities installed for you including solar, septic, and wells
  • A permaculture food forest in your backyard
  • Regenerative ranching systems that can turn a profit for you
  • AirBnB cabins that can also turn a profit for you

Ultimately, we cut the time it takes to do everything on your own from 4 to 10 years to 12 to 18 months by leveraging our network of builders and utility experts. Ultimately, you can save an average of $250,000 compared to doing it on your own.

Please make sure that you read the entirety of this FAQ. It encompasses the full scope of ACTS. By the time you finish reading, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether ACTS is a right fit for you and your family.

Do You Have Land In (Location)?

The properties listed on our website are the only ones we’re currently focused on. So if you don’t see a property listed, then it’s not available yet.

As such, please do NOT DM us questions like:

  • Do you have properties in “[State]”?
  • “When are you coming to [State]?”
  • “Have you checked out [State]???”

If you do DM us something like this, we will ignore you. We get +300 of these DMs a day, and they are honestly not helpful for anyone involved. You are better off simply using the ranch builder to vote for a state you’re interested in.

With that said, we’re continually researching new properties and expansion opportunities, both nationally and internationally. So if you don’t see something listed, then please be patient.

At this time, we’re only considering 250+ acre properties within the United States that have access to well water and are within 1 1/2 hours drive of major business hubs.

So please understand: we will NOT respond to inquiries concerning “where the next property will be”.

Aside from that, if you have someone who’s willing to partner with us on a deal for land +250 acres that they currently own, you may contact us here.

Can You Do This On Land I Already Own? (Consultations)

Long story short: no.

The lands we choose are specifically designed to work with our services.

We considered offering consultations, but the truth is that it’s our choice of land in the first place that sets our community members up for success.

The truth is, no one is buying better land than what we make available.

So we’ve decided to end all consultations and restrict things to the land we make available.

Buying Land With ACTS

ACTS Decentralized Real Estate LLC (ACTS) enables families to afford property and build an off-grid homestead on the most fertile, abundant lands in the world.

The first step is to view our available properties and reserve your desired parcel.

After reserving your parcel, you must show proof of funds within 45 days, as well as proof of obtaining funds during that time period as requested.

If you don’t have the cash on hand for your parcel, you can pre-qualify for a loan through one of our 3rd party lenders (or the financial entity of your choice). You can get in touch with our 3rd party lenders by filling out this form. They have construction and land loans starting at 5% down.

We also recommend scheduling a visit to your desired property.

After purchasing land, ACTS connects you with:

  • Ranch designers & builders
  • Off-grid utility specialists
  • “Foodscapers” to install & maintain regenerative grazing systems and permaculture food forest systems


Our lending partners offer construction loans starting at 5% down, and land loans starting at 20% down. They also offer USDA, FHA, and VA loans with down payments ranging from approximately 0% to 3.5%. These loans can cover the cost of purchasing the land, building your home, installing off-grid utilities, and adding farming and landscape features like gardens and grazing systems.

You can connect with our lending partners by filling out this form. They’ll reach out to you ASAP to help match you with the best loan possible.

We don’t sell your data to 3rd parties. We simply provide your data to our banking partners so they can contact you about loans.

How Much Land Can I Buy?

The minimum amount of land any single family or person can buy is 10 acres (1 parcel). This reduces property taxes considerably through agricultural exemptions, prevents the land from falling under typical suburban subdivision regulations, and ensures the land is maintained and improved on for future generations.

The maximum amount of land available for purchase on each property varies from 30 to 100+ acres (aka 3 to 10+ parcels). The upper limit depends upon the size of the property in question.

Paying For Land

We accept wire transfer, check, or Monero as payment. Payment details will be provided by email. We are not liable for any incorrectly transferred funds through any of the aforementioned payment methods.

Due to the nature of real estate as a business, each payment must be manually verified by our team. If you would like to confirm the status of your payment, please contact us with any relevant details.

After your payment is confirmed and processed, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange the signing and delivery of your land parcel deed(s).


Donations for ACTS Land Reservations are non-refundable. These funds are used for securing properties under contract, surveying fees, background checks, and other operational costs.

Restrictions & HOAs

There is no HOA on any ACTS property and there never will be.

We enforce restrictions through a deed restriction contract that is signed during the land purchase process. You can view an example of our deed restriction contract here.

The primary restrictions are:

  1. Land parcels may not be subdivided into parcels smaller than 10 acres. This preserves agricultural property tax exemptions, prevents the parcels from falling under suburban subdivision regulations, and maintains the property value of each parcel.
  2. ACTS has right-of-first-refusal for customers reselling land parcels. This is to prevent corporate subdivision. Please see the section titled “Selling Your ACTS Property” to learn more.
  3. A primary residence must be constructed on the land within 3 years.
  4. Primary residences must be at least 1800 sq. ft. in size.
  5. You can build as many guest homes as you’d like, but we ask you to only list up to 3 homes per parcel on AirBnB.
    • Example: you own 1 parcel. So, you build 5 homes for you and your children. But while they’re away for the summer, you can list 3 of them on airbnb.
  6. Guest homes can be as big or small as you’d like, but they may not be mobile homes.

If you intend to purchase a land parcel, please read the full deed restriction contract here.

On-Grid Utilities

ACTS does not provide on-grid utilities (electric, sewage, etc.) to any of our properties. Off-grid utilities are available at an affordable rate through our building packages. When electrical lines or other utilities border a property, we will not make any effort to extend those utilities to the parcels we sell.

Keep in mind that connecting to the grid can actually disable your off-grid systems, such as in the case of solar. Typically, when you connect your solar home to the power grid, if the grid goes down, your house will be without power.

Building Your Home & Adding Off-Grid Utilities

Once you have purchased your land and received the deed, ACTS offers discounted homebuilding and off-grid utility packages.

The off-grid utilities we offer are:

  • Drilled water well
  • Septic tank
  • Root cellar or walk-in cooler
  • Solar panels & battery storage
  • Whole house propane backup generator & propane tank
  • Greenhouse design

You don’t have to use our building partners. You’re welcome to build your own house or use whichever home builder or off-grid utility company you prefer. However, we suggest letting us know if you’re going to go with an alternative builder/contractor, as we may be able to secure you a group discount.

You’re free to build as many homes and cabins as you would like on your property (that you can get legal building permits for). We typically choose properties in counties and locations that are very permissive when it comes to obtaining building permits.

Please DM us on Instagram (@actsdereal) if you’re interested in seeing sample floor plans from our partners.

Growing Food & Raising Animals (rOS/Ranchising)


ACTS offers regenerative grazing, gardening, and food forest packages that enable you to grow all the food you need while increasing soil fertility. The Home version of each package provides the infrastructure to grow enough food for your family, while the Pro versions are for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own farm businesses.

We call this system rOS. It stands for Ranch Operating System.

This system can be installed on your property at any given time, unless you have completely developed your property and used up all the available arable land. We recommend you purchase the rOS packages you want along with your initial home or cabin builds.

The exact infrastructure offered with each package will vary depending upon what you want to grow, how much land you want to devote to production, etc. Each package includes educational resources along with any starter infrastructure.

The currently available rOS packages are as follows:


Raise small poultry and mammals (such as rabbits) using rotational pasturing methods.

rOS Feather may include:

  • Starter chicks
  • Chicken coop
  • Chicken tractor (manual or automated)
  • Slaughtering station
  • Predator-proof fencing

Feather Home

Comfortably feeds a large family with eggs and poultry meat. Never buy a Thanksgiving turkey again!

Feather Pro

For families intent on raising from 100 to 1,000 birds at a time. Useful for starting an egg or poultry meat business.


The ultimate rotational grazing system for raising cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs.

rOS Graze may include:

  • A shade canopy
  • Roofed enclosure for feeding hay during winter in cold climates
  • Watering systems
  • Milking & slaughtering systems
  • Portable electric fencing

Graze Home

For families looking to raise up to 20 animals. Provides enough meat and milk to feed a large family.

Graze Pro

Run a profitable meat or dairy operation while regenerating topsoil.


Instead of a wasteful lawn, have a zero-effort food forest integrated into your property design.

rOS Eden may include:

  • Food forest design & install
  • Raised garden beds
  • Dedicated fruit/nut/vegetable production areas
  • Soil amendments
  • Composting systems

Eden Home

Walk out your back door and harvest all the nuts, fruits, and vegetables your family needs for that day, every day.

Eden Pro

Generate enough surplus food that you’re able to sell produce, salsa, dried fruit, roasted nuts, and beyond.

Ranchising & Ranch-Hands

Partner with ACTS to grow, process, market, and deliver your meat, milk, eggs, produce, and other farm products, leveraging the ACTS brand and online presence. Just like any other franchise operation, we take care of the logistics in exchange for you handling the initial infrastructure costs.

Included in the setup costs is first year’s pay for a team of ACTS Ranch-Hands. They will take care of your farm for you by:

  • Caring for animals
  • Tending to your gardens/food forest
  • Harvesting and processing
  • Marketing, selling, and delivering goods

After one year, your Ranchise transitions to a profit-sharing model in order to pay the Ranch-Hands.

ACTS typically takes a 25% cut of the profit in exchange for providing and maintaining your Ranchising business.

The Ranchising business model is offered in good faith by ACTS to help you pay for your family’s homestead and generate a passive, fulfilling income that enables you to live the life of your dreams.

When a portion of your land is devoted to the Ranchising model, the arrangement is considered a business partnership with ACTS. We only partner with people that:

  • are capable of understanding the business model,
  • trust in the expertise of us, our business partners, and the Ranch-Hands,
  • and don’t interfere with projects because of their own misconceptions or apprehensions.

This service is for the ACTS community members. We don’t take on investors that intend to maximize profits at the expense of the land, wellbeing of the animals, or integrity of the surrounding ACTS community.

It is NOT mandatory to participate in the Ranchising program. It is a system meant to help you achieve economic freedom for you and your family.

Hiring Ranch-Hands Outside The Ranchise Model

If you or family needs help around the homestead, or you simply want to go on vacation, you can hire Ranch-Hands without getting involved in Ranchising. They’ll be able to tend to your gardens, livestock, and home. Think of it like hiring a landscaping crew.

Selling Your ACTS Property

If you put your ranch on the open market, that means we made a mistake selling it to you in the first place because these properties are meant to be held for generations and create a family legacy.

Any person that purchases your ACTS property, or a subdivision of said property, must sign and abide by the deed restrictions agreement.

Instead of listing your property on the open market, ACTS can assist in selling your ACTS property to our network of social media followers (2 million+ views per month) and community members.

The purpose of these rules is to stop land developers and flippers from exploiting the value of ACTS for personal gain.

Who Is Behind ACTS?

You can learn more about ACTS Decentralized Real Estate LLC and the team behind it by visiting the About Us page.

You can see a selection of our financing, building, permaculture, and other partners by visiting the Meet Our Partners page.